I've been in this world for some time now, however, I have never been this alone. And as I sit here, look at the horizon, I realize I've wasted everything. I see steams of heat coming from to ground going into the sky, and wonder what I've done with my life. I then see it. A dot in the sky, and the moment it hits the ground, barren lands. Everyone I know left me, without a word. I still don't know why. I can't find anyone anymore. It seems like I'm the last person on the world. Sitting in this bunker looking at a static screen that was once the outside world. I now see nothing. No horizon, no sky, no dot. I am the only one here, and I want others to be here with me. But I know no one will ever be here again, as they all left, not saying where they were going, and why, the moment that tiny dot hit the ground. I've been in this bunker for a year before it happened, and I now see a mushroom, growing as I step outside, into the world.

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