This is a list of my top 10 games, creepypastas, and reaction videos. Hope you enjoyed my picks!

10. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2

While it was interesting to see a sequel to this, it wasn't as good as the orginal. It just seemed weird as to the clock causing the problems this time, making them die from age. It didn't have the overall scare factor Don't Hug Me I'm Scared had.

9. Raven Man

The Raven Man is a ritual pasta I myself have not put on my channel. However, I do see this to be interesting, it is far from belivable that most pastas make you think they are. Such as Tails Doll, that could have happened. A crazed psycho could have been watching them from a distance, toying with them by giving them the doll after their game glitched up.

8. Smile.exe

Smile.exe and the video it is based off, both seem rather, strange. Which is what they go for when they make horror games and videos off of the My Little Pony franchise, they want to scare you by using innocent characters, making them seem evil. However it didn't have the same scare factor as the Luna Games, they were just strange and gory.

7. Sonic X- Episode 79- "Goodnight, Sweet Princess"

Sonic X- Episode 79 was about the character, Sally, apparently hating anyone who didn't want her in the show. Using a character Sonic met (a female) to make Sally jellous and lose her mind in a fit of rage. However, this one was aimed at the viewers who didn't like Sally, not the other woman. She didn't care Sonic was with someone else, she wanted to be known and seen for who she was, not who the viewers wanted her to be.

6. The Real Username 666

While Username: 666 was a whole new experience for pasta readers, The Real Username 666 just ruined that. It was someone claiming to be someone they weren't, and the story wasn't even very interesting. It had nothing to do with the normal Username pasta. It was a different story completely. Unless there is something I missed.

5. Amnesia

While Amnesia was a good game, I have not been able to get the full game. That is why it was ranked at 5. I have played a bootlegged version and didn't realize, thinking it was a demo. But of what I played, there are genuine scares at some points, but after awhile, they die down in how scary that actually are. Just like the old saying, seen it once, seen a million times.

4. PewDiePie.exe

Where do I even start with this? It was about the youtuber PewDiePie and his messed up video of nothingness until the end. It was him, playing a game, but the game was a black screen. The viewer was compled to keep watching the video, knowing something would happen, and then it did. PewDiePie started running from an unknown monster, then begged for help in his webcam. It is unknown what happened afterwards.

3. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

You knew this was going to be here. DHMIS was a new video no one had ever seen. It featured CG, puppets, clay, and other items to make it. It was about a group of three children being bored with nothing to do and no creativity. Their notepad then started singing telling them how to be creative. It then shows a scene of the media with their cameras pointed at the kids. Which is where the video took a turn for the worst. The Black Bird then took a live beating heart and started to coat it in sparkles. The other two started baking an organ cake. The bird spelled out death on the fridge in magnets. After this is said and done, the notepad tells us to never be creative again, and falls over, seeming dead. Leading me to belive that they killed the notepad to get the organs.

2. Squidward's Suicide

This story is about the Spongebob character, Squidward Tentacles. He is practicing his clarinet when Spongebob and Patrick start screwing around outside. He yells at them to stop and gets someone at his door. They say something and he slams the door. He opens it again for the same man who then says "The red mist is coming" and it cuts to his recital. The first time you see Squidward, he has red realistic eyes. Blood red. the curtains open and he starts playing. The crowd now has the same eyes. He blows his recital and walks home weeping. He gets in his house and looks down for a long amount of time, and then a voice says "Do it". It cuts back to him crying and back to the voice again, and once again. This time however, it yells "DO IT!!!" and it cuts back to Squidward with a gun in his mouth. He then fires and his blood splatters the wall behind him. This one gave a genuine scare of ambiance with all the quiet areas of the video, and the story itself was just very detailed.

1. Luna Game

The Luna Games are a series of games in which you play as the My Little Pony character, Luna. You are forced into the game with no retreat unless you shut you computer off. If you alt+tab your mouse goes to the top left, forcing you to alt+tab again. You are walking through a world a green grass and blue skies when all of a sudden it takes a turn for the worst. You are thrown into a picture of Pinkamena (Shorted for Pinke Pie, or Pinkie (as I recently found out)) with black eyes and white irises. That stays there for a short while then the game crashed and creates junk files on your computer. You then load up game two, where you are again placed into a green world with a night sky only to be sent straight down to the deepest reaches of Hell. You travel along a good amount of time to find another jumpscare of her, red skin, eyes, and black parts of her body. You then fall down a hole until you get the message.... "You Died...". You then load up game three, to be in the same green world of a forest (looked more into this, it is meant to be "Everfree Forest" said by the creator, did a lot of searching after I played the game and before I made this so I got all the right information). You travel on while the screen get darker... and darker... and darker... etc... while the music slows down with the darkness. And then... static. You then are stuck with dark ominous music for the rest of that area. Then you are forced to jump down a hole where you are greeted, with a face of Pinkamena, bleeding from the eyes... and mouth... in black blood... and everything else is red. You then see Luna's body, torn into pieces and her eye then opens... to reveal darkness... and a loude screech. Then you see for half a second, a picture of her, black streaks covering her face, blood pouring from her mouth, and eye. Red pupils, black inside. Then comes Luna Game 4. You are in the same area are Luna Game 1, except no obstacles other than a giant hole, where you fall down... and down... and down... to your death. Then you get a BEN reference, "You have met with a terrible fate.... havent you?". Then you see this when it starts back up, "It didn't have to turn out like this. You didn't have to die..." You're then thrown right back into Hell where the darkness is closing in on you and you have a limited amount of time before it catches you. You run and run but it seems pointless as the darkness gets closer and closer. But in the end.... you fall to it, one way or another and end up in a glitched part of the map. You run around the world, looking for escape, but She is chasing you through that area. And makes the darkness come for you, you have to run to Her to escape or fall to the darkness. If you fail, you'll end up in your Hellish world forever. If you reach Her you have a chance of escape. You then start Luna Game 0, where it all starts to make sense, and start in a castle with Luna's sister, Celstia (is that spelled right? Just going off what I have heard from videos and such). She tells you to go make some friends and you can help multiple ponies with their problems. The most common is (as I recently learned as well from my friend) Twilight Sparkle find her books. However, once you find all the books, an evil one spawns, causing a terrible sound to be played, but no jumpscare, just a picture of Luna's evil side, Nightmare Moon. You then give Twilight the books and she tells you to go see Pinkie Pie. Most players are reluctant to find her and try to go the other way, but to no avail. You then talk to her with the evil book telling you backtracked (I think) messages. They are indestictable but most players think it is saying to finish her or to that sort. It then says to kill her, twice, getting angries each time, until you finally do kill her. She asks "Wh... Why Princess?" It crashes and you go to start up Luna Game End when before you click out of the screen it pops up another picture of Pinkamena with a message of "This isn't over". You are then able to start Game End where you start in a grassy stary night and a steep drop off. But you don't die this time! Instead you see shadows of others ponies (if you play on a certain day, a shadow of Luna herself). Most have messages to give you. But as you reach the end of the level, it is found out, you are in a hole and there is no escape. You turn around only find behind you, Nightmare Moon. You then go to a different grassy area with a black sky. The world disappearing around you. Depending on how you play it, you can stay within that world forever, or you can wake up and see it was all just a dream.... or was it?

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